by Beneath The Marrow

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This is a concept EP about the poet Dante, and his travel through both Heaven and Hell.


released January 8, 2015

Produced By Greg Thomas and Beneath The Marrow
Recorded and Mixed at Silver Bullets Studio
Mastering By Azimuth Mastering

All Music and Lyrics written by Beneath The Marrow

Artwork and layout by KAW Design Works
Image: © Perstock | - The Gates Of Hell Zurich Photo



all rights reserved


Beneath The Marrow Connecticut

Formally the metal power house Indamnum, Beneath the Marrow is the same line up as its forefather. Beneath the Marrow represents the progression of our writing, continuing to look inwards and see the vast nothingness. When we are stripped of our flesh, and bone only the marrow remains. But beneath the marrow lies nothing. Pure black silence. ... more

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Track Name: From Hell I (Descent)
At the gates of Acre
In the land of the walking God
I'v come to face my demons

We are all gathered
The priest he speaks, he lies
Now my soul is shattered

Heaven denies me
All Hell lusts for me
I will descend
Into the darkness

My love is lost
Betrayed by my own hand
Given to the throngs of hell

The final act of a desperate soul
Into the void, I go

Heaven denies me
All Hell lusts for me
I will descend
Into the darkness

Heaven denies me
All Hell lusts for me
I fight back This
Eternal sadness

Virgil Meets me at the gates of hell
Walk straight to the inferno
Track Name: From Hell II (Judgment)
Limbo the place, where souls will weep
For they are not, in the light and grace of god

Lust, the storm of souls, torrents of greed
shamed lovers in the fury of the pit

Vile stench fills
The air around
While Cerberus
Guards the swine with demons bile

Avarice is
Filled with those who
Hoard their objects
And those who did squandered them

Sins of the Son
From sins of the Father
Leading the meek
Like lambs to the slaughter

Across the Styx, Dis holds the key
To the final realms of the eternal pit

Heresy, Punished by
Their Souls encased, in the Flaming tombs

The Minotaur
Guards the three rings
Of violence
They are murder, death and suicide

Upon the back
Of Geryon
Descend into
Bolgias of the frauds of hell

Sins of the Son
From sins of the Father
Bleeding the meek
Like lambs to the slaughter

Upon Entering Treachery
Souls trapped in a frozen sea
Satan beats his mighty wings
But is trapped of eternity

Pay your coins to the ferry man
I payed my coins to the ferry man

Paying all your debts to me
Track Name: From Hell III (Ascension)
Night! Broken by his light
The sky, heaven spheres in nine
My soul burned and torn from fright
At last, Beatrice final flight

Beams of lunar consistence
Shine through the fortunate vows
Here lies those of ambition
Paled by the evening star
Devout lovers are weeping
In silence, lost without guide
Still, light breaks free from shadow
Prudence, exampled on high

Beyond all existence
Empyrean waits

Hell, path I left behind
Home, for faithless and the blind
Cleanse, my dark and shattered mind
Sins purged, in the light divine

Untold souls of the fallen
Fortitude, the virtue of light
Just rulers, kings among men
Shown through stars of the night
Contemplation, the knowledge of god
The sad state, in which we live
Fixed stars of faith, hope, and love
Celestial light starts to dim

Divine understanding
Of his love and faith
Divine understanding
Of my loss and fate